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As we are our selves an advertise and social media (Google certified Partner) – Agency we build this website advertisement platform to be at the cutting edge of the latest technology, so keep reading to see what makes our website such a special place to advertise your business on.

  1. Your ads will appear only on their respective categories so they are targeted to visitors of those categories.
  2. Your ads will appear only to visitors of the country or countries you choose to appear so you can target specific languages, cities, countries, or you can build ads in many languages and target the regions of your choice (this saves also money if you choose to pay for ads by CPM).
  3. Your ads can run on specific days and or time zones that you choose. So for example you may have other ads running on Mondays and Wednesdays, other on Weekends, other ads run on Morning and other on Evening of the above specified days in this example. You can advertise you happy hours, your special weekend sales, or your late night shows, or prepare your Christmas ads ahead and go on vacation and rest assure that the ads will run only on the time period and time zones of your choice even when you aren’t there.
  4. You can use the HTML code from our site and place your ads at any external website that you are allowed to do and manage your ads from our site’s control panel from a central location. Any changes you make at your ads in our control panel will affect all other sites so you don’t have to visit and change your ads in every site, every time you want to make changes. Also you can view here all your ads stats, no matter where they are running.
  5. Central Stats (control panel) for all your ads.
  6. Different ads per visitor’s device. Run different ads or offers for android phones and different ads or offers for iPhones, different ads for PC and different ads for tablets. Or run the same ads for all devices as our platform makes the ads and the entire site responsive, so it doesn’t matter the screen analysis of the visitor’s device.
  7. Payment plans for CPC, CPM, or limitless monthly recurring payments per category of your choice.
  8. Anti Ad-Blocker protection. Test our site. Visit our site with your ad-blocker activated and see that our ads are running. We do sometimes get blocked too, but as soon as we get aware of that we shift our code to get unblocked again. That alone should make you sign up for our ads service right now.

You can test drive our service for 3 days with a cost of $1. If you like it then you pay the plan of your choice.


Ad graphics sizes:

  • 300 x 250 (W x H)
  • 728 x 79    (W x H)
  • 120 x 587 (W x H)

We don’t allow MLM or Affiliate ads, adult ads and pharmacies, web tv, guns, or ads of shady or illegal businesses. You can not use the trial period more than once. We screen all the ads and we ban those who break the rules without refund. This is a straightforward notice.!


*The above are subject to change without prior notice.


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